New-NanoServerVHD Updated to support changes in Convert-WindowsImage

A new version of Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 script that me New-NanoServerVHD.ps1 script uses was released a few days ago. It fixes the issue with running on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. However it was also changed in other ways that caused my New-NanoServerVHD.ps1 script to no longer function.

So I’ve updated the New-NanoServerVHD.ps1 script to support the newer ConvertWindowsImage.ps1 script. I also added support for creating a VHDx (with a GPT partition table format) so that it can be used with Generation 2 VMs.

You can control the format of the VHD that is created by passing in a VHDFormat parameter. This parameter defaults to VHD. If VHD is created it will automatically have a partition format of MBR set. When a VHDx is created it will have a GPT partition format.

Here is an example showing how to create a Nano Server VHDx for a Gen 2 VM:

 .\New-NanoServerVHD.ps1 ` 
            -ServerISO 'c:\nano\10074.0.150424-1350.fbl_impressive_SERVER_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO' ` 
            -DestVHD c:\nano\NanoServer02.vhdx `
            -VHDFormat VHDx `
            -ComputerName NANOTEST02 ` 
            -AdministratorPassword 'P@ssword!1' ` 
            -Packages 'Storage','OEM-Drivers','Guest' ` 
            -IPAddress ''

The updated New-NanoServerVHD.ps1 script can be downloaded here.


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