How to fix “Your account settings are out of date” in Windows 10 Universal Mail App

The Problem

Update: This problem is a very long running issue that I’m surprised hasn’t been resolved by Microsoft yet. The fix below does work for some people, but based on the comments on this post and those on the Microsoft Forums this solution doesn’t always work and many other fixes have been suggested (see the forum for a large number of other suggested solutions). Some folk have reported that the fix below can prevent the Mail and Calendar apps from working at all, so I’d recommend that you use this process with care and recommend strongly that you back up the comms folder before deleting the content.

Recently I noticed on my Windows 10 desktop that I have been using to test all the Windows 10 Insider Preview releases the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app is was no longer working with my Outlook mail account. Every time the app loaded or I clicked on the Outlook account it would show a message at the top of the mail list stating “Your account settings are out of date” and giving me the option to fix or dismiss the problem. Clicking fix just flashed up a black window for a brief moment (too fast to see any details) and the message remained. I messed about with the account settings and everything I could find for the account in Mail settings but couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I tried various suggested “fixes” I found online, but none of them worked for me.

My Gmail account worked fine in the Mail app as well and my outlook account also worked fine in the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app on my laptop. Unfortunately I didn’t think to screenshot the problem before I managed to resolve it so I can’t post an image of the error message here. After a lot of investigation and lots of messing around I found out where the Windows Universal Mail app stores its account data – as I thought this is probably where the problem probably was. The Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar seems to store all information in the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\ I thought perhaps if I could get rid of (back it up just in case) this folder the app might recreate it.

The Solution

  1. Open an Administrator PowerShell prompt (enter “powershell” in the start menu search and then right click the Windows PowerShell icon and select Run as Administrator, you might need to confirm a UAC prompt).
  2. Uninstall the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app by entering the following command in the PowerShell window:
Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object -Property Name -eq 'microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps' | Remove-AppxPackage
Uninstall the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar App

Uninstall the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar App

3a. @Stephen has suggested that restarting your computer at this point allows the next step to proceed with better success. So restart your computer.

3. Delete the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\ folder by entering the following command in the PowerShell window (back the folder up first if you want):

Remove-Item -Path "$Home\AppData\Local\Comms\" -Recurse -Force
Deleting the Comms folder - some files can't be deleted - this is OK

Deleting the Comms folder – some files can’t be deleted – this is OK

Note: You’ll probably find that some of the files are in use and can’t be deleted – this is OK.

4. Reinstall the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app from the app store (click here to open the app up in the store or search for it).

Reinstall the Windwos 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app from the windows store.

Reinstall the Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app from the Windows store.

Once this had all been done I loaded the Mail up and it asked me to configure all my mail accounts again (and authorize them with the providers). After this the error message had gone away and all my accounts worked normally. I did also however have to re-enter my credentials for both Google Drive and One Drive.

For more information, suggestions and discussion about this issue, take a look at this discussion on the Microsoft Community boards.

I hope this works for someone else as well.


77 thoughts on “How to fix “Your account settings are out of date” in Windows 10 Universal Mail App

      • Tracey Gouraud says:

        I found a solution to fix it for me and it was relatively easy.
        Clearing out the error message notification for Windows 10 mail app being out of date

        1. Click on note thingy on bottom right of screen.
        2. Click on all settings
        3. Click on accounts
        4. Click on your email and accounts

        5. Click on verify (don’t remember the rest)
        6. It gives a partial email address and asks you to put in full email to confirm so they can send a code. Enter full email address
        7. Check email on another device and get code from Microsoft email
        8. Enter code into dialog box

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    • Sorry to hear that. I’ve not heard of this process breaking the mail app before – but it is a problem that seems to have multiple different causes and solutions (see the MS forums). The Mail app should automatically rebuild that folder when it is reinstalled (watch carefully and you’ll see a message to that affect). I have performed this process several times on 3 of my Win 10 machines (only one actually had the actual problem) and it didn’t break the Mail app. Do you receive an error message when starting the app at all? What about the Calendar app?


    • I’m definitely not sure about the sync issue. 😦 Sorry I can’t be of more help. This fix seems to work for some people but does cause problems for others. I’ve performed this fix on my computers several times without it causing a problem. But I don’t have a Windows Phone OS to snyc to.


  1. Well I had the same problem — I deleted the gmail account and tried again and it worked OK. I think the first time I had created it I had entered the wrong password and then even though I kept trying to fix the PW no luck. Deleting/Recreating worked.


  2. Stephen says:

    The first time around it did not work for me. The second time, I restarted my system between steps 2 and 3. That meant that all files were deleted successfully, and it worked perfectly.

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  3. Ruth Rogers says:

    I’ve often thought the whole world would be better without computers! Think I’ll go back to the dark ages where some sense of sanity prevailed… I’ve heard Microsoft has been working on W10 for 20 years; if that is the case, don’t you think they would get it right by now???

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  4. Gary Weaver says:

    I found the solution to this problem. Click on the New Notifications list on the bottom right of your screen where you probably have a whole list of ” Outlook settings are out of date”. Right click one of these and choose not to receive notifications from this app. Done, no more “Outlook settings are out of date”. This is a glitch from Microsoft which they will probably not fix and why would you want to receive notifications from this app anyway since all you are receiving is junk.

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  5. StanLee says:

    I receive both the “Your Outlook account settings are out of date…” notification and “Your windows account needs to be verified…” When I right click either of these in the Notification area the option not to receive notifications from this app is greyed out. It is a daily occurrence and like so many of MSFT’s OS bugs really annoying as if ignored the notices just fill up the entire Notification area! I have also tried a suggestion to add credentials in Control Panel Windows Credential Manager but found those I added to both the Windows and Generic areas were removed after a restart. Don’t know what else to try?


    • I’m sorry to hear about the repeated problems. To be honest, I’ve stopped using the Windows Mail client and only use Outlook 2015 where I don’t have these problems. But from the number of hits this page still gets it seems like this is still an ongoing problem for a LOT of people. I’m not really sure what else there is to do to solve this. 😦


  6. I have a desk top and lap top, both running Win 10. Everything seemed ok until I tried adding Google 2-step verification. Right after restarting each PC, I started getting the Email settings are out of date message. Tried the usual fixes listed in the MS forums, delete and reinstall account, do the same thing, only manually configure the incoming and outgoing servers. No matter what I did, the password always seemed to default to the 16 digit password I originally got from Google. At least the password that shows has 16 characters. I would get the fix or dismiss msg. When I tried fix, nothing happened, so I would manually enter correct password. Still would not work. Contacted MS support and let them take control of my system. After almost 2.5 hrs, they decided the problem was the 2-step verification, so they disabled that on Google and suddenly everything was working correctly, so MS closed the record as solved. After doing an update to Avast, the system needed to be restarted. After that, the ‘settings out of date’ messages started again. I tried the possible fixes listed by MS including checking system time/date. Getting ready to contact ISP and if that doesn’t work, guess I’ll contact MS again. Very frustrating. NCINKSP0TT


    • I had two-step verification on Google as well, so this could very well be the root cause of the problem. As far as I can tell MS hasn’t solved the problem yet (based on the traffic I get to this post on a daily basis). I actually found the mail app in Windows 10 to be fairly short on features so moved over to Outlook – haven’t had a problem since. And yes, it most definitely is frustrating – you definitely aren’t the only one thinking that 😦



    I have got the same problem I am receiving the emails ok on my ipad, so I am forwarding them to my computer to the email address which is still ok with google.Until MS solves the problem


  8. This worked for me. The only additional step I did was after I uninstalled the Mail/Calendar App I restarted into safe mode, copied \User\[my user]\AppData\Local\Comms to my desktop, renamed the copy to Comms.old, then restarted normally and followed the guide from there. I couldn’t backup the folder without being in safe mode. And a warning: I wouldn’t delete the Comms folder in safe mode, because you can’t open the store app to re-download the Mail/Calendar App without restarting normally first. Deleting it in safe mode allows you to completely remove the directory without any warnings or errors, and it might not actually hurt anything, but I didn’t want to risk having to restart before reinstalling the app.

    Thanks a ton! I had been searching Google for a fix for awhile.


  9. Is There Any Way To Rid Windows 10 all together and just have a browser like Firefox…? the only email that I can receive emails on…I do have one for outlook but do not like it when it wants to link up and sync all my emails I do have gmail 3 separate ones actually 4 one for my cell one for my tablet and 2 other computers….If anyone can answer this send me a email other wise I forget to check back on these forum pages or Blogs ” Frustrated in Bristol, TN ” and Pissed at Windows and Google mostly


  10. Danielle says:

    Have been trying to fix this problem all afternoon.. Finally after following your instructions, it is downloading my emails and I am not getting that annoying message.
    Thank you


  11. I agree with Jim Freeman above. It appears this problem happens with the 2-step verification process. Hoping for a fix as this is annoying. I know I don’t have to use this mail app but I can’t stand it when something that should work does not work…


  12. matthew dinh says:

    I am making a microsoft account.I need an email to verify it. I have the same problem as the guy who made the “fix”


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  14. Has the “your account settings are out of date’ message trying to create an account with Windows 10 mail app. Finally deleted the account credentials and re-entered them – it works fine.


  15. Danny Rigdon says:

    Can you repost or email me the updated instructions, sounds like the original post did not work for some people, but new work arounds have been listed. Thank you for your help!


  16. Flynn says:

    These “fixes” seem to be for Windows 10 desktop. What do you do with the mobile version? My Lumia 640 is driving me nuts about my Yahoo settings being out of date. They’re not and seem to sync fine on automatic but a manual sync usually brings the error. It’s like it fails to sync once in awhile and that provokes the error. I do not have two step enabled so that is not it. Gmail syncs fine.

    It amazes me that Microsoft hasn’t fixed this in all this time. Worse yet despite having it set to not ask me for feedback in Windows 10 settings, it keeps bugging me to give feedback on every Microsoft app so I did, all mega negative. Windows does not respect your settings, mines your data with no setting to disable it entirely and gas blatant bugs that are ignore for years. Now I know why the phone hardware was so cheap compared to Android and Apple phones. You get what you pay for. I have a Mac desktop and notebook but $40 ($150 with a 200GB sd card) for what is otherwise a great phone and works with Tracphone was too good to pass up. Now I know why.


    • That is correct, this fix is for Windows 10 Desktop. It requires PowerShell which I’m not sure how you’d access on Win 10 mobile (or if it is installed).

      I have 3 devices running various versions of Windows 10 (including preview) and the problem hasn’t recurred. However, I’ve heard from some people that the problem has come back. And some people where the fix doesn’t work at all. But TBH I’ve stopped using Windows Mail because Outlook works much better for me. But given the amount of traffic to this “fix” you’re definitely not alone.

      I really can’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed yet, but I do suspect it is multiple different problems that all “appear” the same.

      As for the feedback app, that is odd, I’ve not had that. I do get a lot of requests for feedback on the “Preview” versions but this is the purpose of the ‘preview’. But providing negative feedback for a broken app is a really good idea.

      Anyway, sorry I can’t help you with this though 😦


  17. This grandma is not savvy enough to delete & re-install programs. This same problem keeps popping up “your comcast settings are out of date.” Will you refund my money so I can replace this piece of crap?


  18. Al says:

    I find the same thing whatever cox password I enter when I finish and open the email account back up it ends up a 16 character password when I entered 8


  19. Robert says:

    I keep getting this message & i’m not a computer geek in fact I know relatively little about computers & though I’ve tried.I can’t fix this problem


    • Hi Robert,

      The difficulty with this problem is that there are many different causes – and each of them requires a different resolution to fix. Also, many different applications report similar messages. This particular solution is really a last resort. So you’d want to look to other solutions first. There are a few of them about that may work for your particular situation. If all fail you could try this….



  20. Shae says:

    For me, it was removing the Exchange account and going to Advanced Setup when creating the email, and choosing ActiveSync. Once I did that, poof, emails were flowing


  21. Hi Everyone. This issue has been plaguing me daily for months – since I actually decided to TRY to use the UWP Windows 10 email client. The ‘settings out of date’ issue was killing me – multiple times daily, right after reboots, etc. I am running Windows on a MAC PRO and I first noticed the issue ALWAYS starting right after I boot from Mac Mode to Windows Mode – which always (not sure why – probably an EFI thing) sets the date to 8 hours off. When I fix the date/time issue the problem goes away for awhile and then pops back up. I tried to go into the time settings and unchecked the ‘Set time automatically’ and ‘Set time zone automatically’. Path is Control Panel > Clock > Language and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time. It’s been 2 days and no errors. Not sure if this is a permanent remedy but it’s been working so far.


  22. Les Moss says:

    This problem seems to also occur if you link to Google account which does note use a Gmail. I don’t think Microsoft understands that a Gmail account requires a Google account, but not vise versa. The problem goes away if I unlink the google account, but of course, I loose contact syncing.


    • Les Moss says:

      Windows mail is apparently using my non-google email address to log into the Gmail server. That fails and generates the “Your Gmail account settings are out of date”.


  23. grakky says:

    The only thing for me was to open up the Windows 10 Mail app, delete the account that is causing the issue, then +Add Account and boom, fixed.


  24. Deleting and re-adding the account did not work for me. Since I’m using Thunderbird for some other non-Microsoft accounts, I just added my Hotmails to it and forgot about Windows Mail altogether. If some of the software I´m using had Mac or Linux versions, I’d give up Windows completely (as I use mostly Open Souce apps anyway)..


    • marilyn johnson says:

      Daniel, You think SUPERMAN can fly to my home & set Grandma up with all these changes? You are nuts. Im thinking about DUMPING MICROSOFT for good!


      • To be honest, I’m not sure this fix would even work any more as this was 4.5 years ago. But as far as I can tell from the years I’ve been watching this issue there are 10+ causes and 20+ solutions across many different e-mail providers and tools. The one thing that is common is that it occurs when there is some issue authenticating to the e-mail account. So I’d be surprised if this “fix” still works – I’ve not seen this issue again in 4.5 years – so I can’t confirm!


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