I am a developer with a passion for DevOps and Cloud technologies. I have nearly 20 years experience developing mulit-tier, multi-user applications using Microsoft development technologies, from VBA v1.0 to .NET 4.5.

I have spent 16 years designing, developing and supporting desktop and intranet applications for a variety of healthcare related specialities – both clinical and administrative. These applications included multi-user, multi-tier, database driven, client-server applications that were designed to support between 1 and 1000 simultaneous users. I also specialised in application integration technologies. I have implemented and supported clients in large hospitals in New Zealand, USA and the UK

My passion is DevOps, cloud services integration and operations automation technologies with a focus on the Microsoft family of tools (Windows Server etc). I have a strong background in Windows PowerShell and Desired State Configuration as well as other DevOps/CI/CD technologies. I am comfortable providing DevOps and infrastructure automation for Windows Server environments both on premises and in the cloud.

I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Windows Server 2012 and am working towards an MSCD in Cloud technologies.

I contribute to multiple open source automation projects as well as maintain some of my own. My specific expertise is on infrastructure as code using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC).


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew Lush says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to talk to you about Lab-Builder, and installing SQL-Server.

    I am trying to build a small lab with an AD server, and a sql server, and came across your project.
    I have some other dsc based code that builds a sql ha group in a lab, and I think that will help with your project.

    Kind Regards Andrew Lush


    • Hi Andrew,

      Cool! Jump on into the Project Gitter chat room here: https://gitter.im/PlagueHO/LabBuilder

      Definitely keen on any help I can get. I’ve started working on the DSC Library SQL configurations but they’re only empty shells at the moment because I needed to add support for mounting ISO’s so that I could use xSQLServer DSC resource to install it. I completed the ISO Resource mounting a week or so ago but haven’t moved forward with the SQL Server feature any further than that (let alone HA on it – although Failover Clustering is working). So there is a huge gap there – any code you can contribute is definitely welcomed 🙂

      Can chat on the gitter chat room if you like.



  2. Robbie says:


    I noticed questions you’ve asked on forums about scraping data from my backtester/screener. I’m wondering if you would be willing and able to help me with my own web scraping that is necessary for maintaining the backtester. If so, please email me.




  3. Ondrej Å ebela says:

    I created free solution for managing whole life cycle of PowerShell content in AD environments and thought, that you may find it useful too.
    In such case, it would be great if you mentioned it on your page so even community members can benefit of it. All information are available at https://github.com/ztrhgf/Powershell_CICD_repository (video included).

    Please let me know what you think about it 🙂


  4. Daniel,

    Thank you for your work on PSAuth. It showed up just in time for me and the project I’m working on. I noticed a typo on one of the wiki pages that tripped me for a moment, though. Ask and I’ll clarify.

    ~ Aaron


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