WFAS Firewall Rules Group vs. DisplayGroup

Recently I’ve been helping resolve a couple of issues with the behavior of the xFirewall resource in the xNetworking DSC Module. One of these was trying to implement both the Group and DisplayGroup parameters when creating a new Firewall Rule.

A Firewall Rule Group/Display Group.

A Firewall Rule Group/Display Group.

The obvious assumption is that the Group and DisplayGroup parameters behave in a similar fashion to the Name and DisplayName parameters. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it took me quite a lot of digging to figure out how they actually work.

Why is this Important?

This became an issue for me while trying to determine how to best implement these parameters in the xFirewall resource. It became clear that it is not actually possible to set the DisplayGroup parameter using any of the *-netfirewallrule cmdlets. So adding this parameter to the resource caused a lot of problems and was also causing quite a bit of confusion, especially as the relationship between Group and DisplayGroup is not clearly documented anywhere I could find.

You can’t even set the DisplayGroup parameter via NETSH or in the the WFAS (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security) UI. In fact the WFAS UI only shows the DisplayGroup and is labeled as Group – the actual Group is hidden completely:

WFAS UI showing the DisplayGroup (labeled as Group)

WFAS UI showing the DisplayGroup (labeled as Group)

The Relationship

So, onto the actual reason for this post: What is the relationship between Group and DisplayGroup and how does DisplayGroup get set? I’m hoping this will help someone else who is trying to understand this undocumented behavior.

There are two possible values that the DisplayGroup can have and these can never be set directly. They are:

  1. If Group does not start with an @ then the DisplayGroup will be the same as Group.
  2. If Group starts with an @ then theĀ DisplayGroup will be a value pulled from a DLL or Windows Universal App resource. This creates the rule as a predefined rule.

For example, here is the DisplayGroup being pulled from a DLL:


And here is a one being pulled from a Universal App Resource:


So, what is the take away from all this?

The DisplayGroup can’t be set manually by you and will never be different to the Group unless the Group starts with an @.

Note: A predefined rule will prevent most settings of the rule from being changed in the WFAS UI, although they still can be changed in PowerShell:

A predefined rule can't be changed via the WFAS UI.

A predefined rule can’t be changed via the WFAS UI.

And one final piece of info: The Group (and by extension the DisplayGroup) can’t be changed for an existing rule. You can only change it by deleting and recreating the rule!